DPW welcomes multiple perspectives and open dialogues on the piney woods people and cultures of the southern United States.

Our Mission

  • promote community-based research that serves the people of the region
  • encourage the production of research-based multimedia compositions
  • support student research outside of academia
  • collect primary and secondary sources related to the Piney Woods Region
  • publish academic and community compositions

DPW creates the cultural context for research on the piney woods region - a region named after the longleaf pine that is endemic to most of the southern states, from North Carolina to Texas.

Jeffrey Kaufmann

Meet Our Team

Jeffrey Kaufmann Co-founder, Co-editor

Jeffrey is a Professor of Anthropology at the Univesity of Southern Mississippi. He brings to DPW an interest in cultural anthropology, visual ethnography, and community-centered learning. He has a deep interest in cultural diversity and the ways in which local cultures interact with the environment and create landscapes.

Randy Gonzales Co-founder, Co-editor, Web Designer

Randy is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He brings to DPW an interest in multimodal composition and pedagogy, cultural studies, and new media poetry. For more on Randy see his website at www.gonzales22.com.